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Contact Us and Support

Excellent customer service is very important and we are dedicated to delivering fast, responsive customer service when you need it. For technical questions, please contact us using the following e-mail links.

Customer technology support Contact Us

Please use the following e-mail addresses for the appropriate team for help with the Disadvantaged Minority Women Business Enterprise program.

DMWBE program inquiries (certification directory) hldmwbe@kcmo.org
DMWBE contract compliance (goals, CUPs, best faith efforts) dmwbecompliance@kcmo.org
Monthly project workforce and MWBE Utilization reports hrdcontractcompliance@kcmo.org
Labor compliance questions laborcompliance@kcmo.org
General inquires hrdgeneral.inquiries@kcmo.org

Need help? Some questions may be answered by watching a tutorial video:

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